5 Natural Ways to Make Your Penis Larger, Which Really Work

Natural Ways to Make Your Penis Larger

If you are looking for natural ways to make your penis larger, you probably think that the rule is “the bigger, the better.” However, a majority of women would not agree with you. In fact, the scientific studies have shown that the size does not matter! The fact that the average depth of a vagina is between 3 and 4 inches means that whatever you’re packing will do the job! Still, the size seems to matter when it comes to a man’s libido and self-esteem. Men have started worrying about their penis size as the adult entertainment industry grew bigger. Performers in adult movies are all endowed much more than a normal male, which has led to a fallacy about penis size.

You would think that the penis size of Ron Jeremy is average, but the truth is just the opposite. He is the weird ones, not you! In fact, the average penis size is much smaller than you’ve probably guessed. Americans, for example, have the average penis size of 5.6 inches (14.15 centimeters). In India, the average length of an erect penis is 5.1 inches (13.1 cm), which is approximately the same as with most of other countries. In fact, the country that tops the list is Democratic Republic of Congo, where the average length is about 7 inches (17 centimeters). If you want to learn more about penis sizes across the world, check out this map!

If you still feel that you could add a few inches to your penis length, there are two ways to do it. One way is to pay several thousand dollars for surgery. The problem with it is that, apart from being expensive, it also doesn’t provide too impressive results. The best-case scenario would be gaining 1-2 inches. That is why a much better alternative is to focus on natural ways to make your penis larger. Here are five methods that have been confirmed to work!

1. Improve the Blood Flow

When it comes to penis size and the hardness of erections, the blood flow is what matters the most. In fact, this is how Viagra and similar supplements work. They allow the blood to go freely through the veins of your penis, making it swell and big. This is why one of the best natural ways to make your penis larger is to improve your circulation.

Believe it or not, but with the circulation working properly, your erections are bound to get harder, and your penis is guaranteed to gain size. To improve circulation, you need to get your diet in order, as high blood cholesterol level is the number one reason for these problems. Apart from eating a healthier diet, you are also advised to exercise more frequently. But, if you want to see faster results, start taking showers with alternating between hot and cold water.

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2. Lose Belly Fat

If you have fat on your stomach, especially in the lower region, the chances are high that a part of your penis is hidden behind the fat. When you lose that fat, you are bound to get as much as a whole inch in the penis size.

On top of that, strengthening the abs will make you better in bed, as these muscles are heavily used during sex. Not to mention that with sculpted six packs, you will look much more attractive to the opposite sex.

3. Jelqing

This is the ultimate penis exercise, which will result in the improvement of the length after just a couple of weeks. Jelqing is a method that takes into the consideration the anatomy of the human body. The penis is not only the muscle that you see dangling outside your body. Approximately the same length is inside of your body. The good news is that you can pull out the inner part outside. Of course, not the whole of it, but some 1-2 inches.

How the technique works is that you pull your penis outwards until you start feeling uncomfortable. The best would be to do this when in the shower, as the water will warm up your penis so that you will avoid injuries.

4. Circular Rotation

This is another exercise that is among the best natural ways to make your penis larger. It is similar to the previous exercise on the list and produces amazing results as well. The key is in stretching the penis but from different angles. For starters, you can extend it from three positions – left, center and right. Stretching in each angle should last about 30 minutes.

Same as jelqing, this exercise is also designed to pull out the penis and make it longer. On top of that, a circular rotation will also improve the circulation in your penis. This means that your penis will grow bigger and your erections will be harder.

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5. Lay off on Masturbation

Excessive masturbation can cause you some problems, including erectile dysfunction. In fact, making the erections harder is the road to go, as it will cause the penis reach its full potential concerning size.

Another problem that excessive masturbation can cause is hormone imbalance. It can result in the changes of testosterone, which may go up fast, which results in the increase of estrogen as well. Too much estrogen can create some problems, like gynecomastia, etc.

Other Tips to Become Better in Sex

Even if you have a huge penis, you won’t be able to make your partner aroused if you don’t look attractive. In fact, looking sexy is what matters the most. If you look attractive, not having a huge penis will not matter much to your partner.

On top of that, you also need to work on your endurance. A big penis will not matter much if you don’t last enough in the bed. The good news is that all of the pieces of advice for natural ways to make your penis larger will also help you get harder and longer erections.

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